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If my cable box does not come in time for the U.S. Degrassi season premiere, I will cry.

That said, the fans have definitely mobilized this year. Lots more sites and discussions happening. It's so refreshing.

I know the show has been featured in this month's Teen People and Entertainment Weekly. I have yet to buy the magainzes (dear me, I'm so lame), but I found some TP scans/teases on this site. You just have to scroll down to view. Crap quality EW pics can be found here

A few more high quality solo/couple pictures. Thank God Spinner shaved that head. Of course, the official Canadien site has the best screen caps. They are all so damn old. I need a complete icon overhaul!

Finally, a pretty decent collection of links for your own amusement, lol.

P.S. Mmmmhmmm. Showing some skin I see. Why I feel like their mother is beyond me.
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