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Your weekly Degrassi journal round-up...

It seems as if it was a Breakfast Club Degrassi in Canada this week...

Let's start with Ellie (yay!):
what happens

this is what happens when you get to know someone... something unpredictable.
spend three hours of detention with someone on a saturday morning and you might find out that what you thought about him or her doesn't have anything to do with anything. that's what i found out about Sean. that's also what he found out about me.
lots of times people avoid me or judge me without giving any thought to the fact that there's a real person inside me. mostly that's fine with me - i don't really care about the person inside them either. that's how it was with Sean. everyone just wrote him off as some kind of loser thug who was held back a year, meaning he's also stupid. funny how people also write me off as some kind of screwed up punker with psychological problems. not everyone, but that's because the people who know me know it's not as simple as that. that's how it is with Sean. once you know something about why they do the things they's not as easy to write them off. once he got to know me he saw who i really am.... whoever that is...maybe he can tell me...

actually, i find him quite interesting. i'm glad i gave him the tape from my recorder. so maybe he's done some shady things. he's been in enough trouble. i don't want to make it worse. i'll think of a new subject for my co-op reporting project.

And then Sean (another yay!):
keep to the point

I owe Ellie big time. she's different form the Amys and Emmas of the world. There's a lot going on in that head of hers. She's got issues. Who cares? Who doesn't? She's trying to figure things out in life. Who's not? I am. Even though we're both hard cases, we don't freak each other out. I think I get her. I like her.

Whatever...back to the point. I also owe her. She could have brought me down. I told her about something stupid I did. Wish I could undo it, but there you go. That's life. So not only did I tell her - she had it on tape. She wanted a good story for her reporter (or whatever it is) co-op job. About things going "missing" at Degrassi. She wasn't out to get me but still - even though she wasn't naming names I couldn't have that tape lying around. My voice on it - It had to go. So, she gave it to me. Now it's gone. That's someone you can trust.

That's someone you want to be around.

Now Captian Toby (lol):
hard to believe?

captain's log, stardate the day after yesterday (today):

why is it so hard for certain members of my crew like Ensign JT to believe that other crew mates like first-officer James would recognise my existance? after all, i am the captain of the starship degrassi as it charts the furthest unknown reaches of the school space-time continuum.
altho my previous mission, the one known as "operation Jimmy's grade-fix" had blown up in my face and made enemies of myself and my first-officer ...well now it seems that the end goal of that mission has been acheived thanks to our period of capture by the Principalians. their leader Raditchor discovered that i was tampering with his onboard computer in order to adjust his files on my first officer Jimmy and we were detained on the Principalians' hostile planet.

while myself and the rest of my landing party suffered through a saturday morning of isolation and internment, our only hope to escape from the boredom was to make a break for it while avoiding the ever-watchful eyes of our prison guard Raditchor. making our way through the labyrinth of the Principalian tunnel system, we came upon a primitive lifting device that could help us escape from the dank tunnels into fresh air. first officer Jimmy procured the lifting device key and suddenly there we were - on the roof of our prison. freedom was near. however, on one of my routine perimeter checks i was certain that i was spotted by Raditchor and just to be on the safe side, i ordered my landing party to return to their cells. unfortunately, first officer Jimmy didn't have time to replace the keys and Raditchor demanded an explanation. being the captain and ranking officer in the landing party, i of course took the blame to protect my crew. mysteriously Raditchor remained calm, but as his species is unpredictable i cannot take this as a positive sign at this point.

once back aboard the starship degrassi, the crew, led by first officer Jimmy passed a motion declaring me to be cool and worthy of recognition on all decks. although as captain i have a veto on all motions i could not disagree and the motion passed with only disloyal ensign JT dissenting. he's one snarky remark away from spending time in the brig.

Over and out,
Captain Toby

(I love how his entry has spelling issues.)

the weekend = fun times

hey y'all. You know, maybe there is something about the weekend that makes you have good times and feel all right no matter what you're doing. I just came outta Saturday detention better off than when I went in. I never shoulda been there in the first place - my little man Toby tried to impress my be changing my mark in the skool computa...which I let him do so fair enough, we both got thrown in the can. Course I was too freaked at him to recognize it takes 2 to tango and he was cowering from me like a little wet dog. Kinda funny actually - I was never gonna do anything but he earned the scare. Coulda been worse for both of us too...

So we're sitting there in detention - me, Toby, Hazel, Sean and Ellie - on Saturday morning and it's like, man this is not the way to start the weekend. But then one thing leads to another... we get kicked outta the caf for being too rowdy, get put into separate classrooms, then bust outta them and wind up on the school roof - don't aks me how they kept the elevator a secret for so long - and things just happen. Both Toby and Sean offer to take the heat for me when Raditch wants to know who stole the elevator keys while me and Hazel get to spend some quality time together.

Next thing you know I'm not hatin' on Sean anymore, Toby shows he can be cool in a crisis, and best of all it looks like me and Haze are finally gonna hook up fo realz! Just gotta keep that ball rollin'.

So, like I'm sayin' - must be something about the weekend that not even being at skool can mess up. We all got 3 more weeks of Saturday morning detention & I'm almost kinda looking forward to it. Almost.

Hazel (finally):
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy!!!


i can hardley believe it - i think i finally officially have my own boo! i can't believe that it finally happened but i also can't believe that it took sooooooo long beofre we could just admit that we like each other more than as just friends!!!!

it's THE BEST!!! now me and Jimmy can double date with Paige and Spin without watching them make googly eyes and get all smoochy-smoochy with each other while we have to sit there and pretend that we aren't jealous. when they see how perfect we are together they are going to be the ones jealous of us!!!

Gimmie a J!
Gimmie an I!
Gimme a double-M-Y!

Whatchya got? MY BOYFRIEND!!!

Gooooo Jimmy!!

Last but not least a random update by Liberty:
My Accomplishments

Fellow Virtual Students,

When considering the plethora of things I have accomplished in my baker's dozen-odd years on this planet, it is difficult to think of one that stands out amongst all the others. When most people think about the accomplishments they are most proud of, generally, if not always, they will focus upon something - an event, a project, or what have you - that gave then a feeling of personal satisfaction and gratification. For example, learning how to skateboard fills many a juvenile with a sense of pride and self-satisfaction. Or, perhaps you've performed a flawless solo at your violin recital. Surely that's something with which to be pleased!

As for myself, however, I suspect that my - and anyone else's - greatest accomplishments are those that may not have been noteworthy at the time, but will some future day prove invaluable. For example, how many people cite "learning to read" as one of their finest achievements? Not enough. Or, for that matter, have you ever considered the possibility that a series of accomplishments, taken together as a process, may one day result in a success story greater than you could possibly imagine?

In my case, the myriad, seemingly inconsequential examples of my leadership potential may not appear to be exceedingly significant on their own, but, one day, when I am the CEO of a large, successful company, or the leader of a popular political party, my biographers could look back on my accomplishments such as coaching the girls' floor hockey team, editing the Grapevine, serving as President of DCSSC, organizing rallies, assemblies and fundraisers, and many, many other things as examples of the type of accomplishments that make one a true leader.

Once again, I want to seeeee. The community where I read recaps for the past two episodes is apparently friends locked now. To keep the PoStS LikE ThiS!!!!!! contained in one place, I assume.

Also, a saw a rumor that said that The N was going to play a new episode on March 5th. I have no idea if it is true or not. I'll pass on more info if I find some.
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