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Oh, Degrassi. How I love thee!

Even though the N network makes it very hard to be a fan what with halting seasons for SIX MONTHS and scrambling episodes, every time I watch I fall in love all over again.

So far, three episodes of the second half of S3 have aired, and my absolute favorite was the Detention. Loved the Breakfast Club spoof (I think it's a prerequisite for all teen shows) and I loved that we saw more complex, honest sides to Hazel and Ellie and that Sean and Toby and Jimmy were such passive-agressive, endearingly cocky and dorky boys. Oh, high school. This show makes me want to go back. Almost.

Of course, we ended on a sour note with Terri and the psycho boyfriend and the hospital (does she die? I don't care about spoilers at this point), but Spinner and Paige were a nice balance to the melodrama. I just dig them together. They were such stereotypes at the start of the series, and now they complement each other so well. Spinner lashing out and then worrying about his aggression and Paige being so self-righteous and then compassionate. So cute!

I need more. Nownownownow! Please tell me Emma does not get wasted on Chris? She needs to be with Craig dammit! And that JT and Manny date because I've been rooting for them for forever.

Dear Lord, I am such a teenie, but I don't care! This show is so perfectly shallow and serious and fun and earnest. In a word: Ntense. Yes, feel free to point and laugh. I have embraced my lameness.

Um. I'm sure you can tell my favorites, lol.

And really? How freakin sad is it that I am bummed because none of us is eligible to enter the sweepstakes! I want a walk-on role dammit!!!
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